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We specialise in the conversion of most models of MGs from RHD to LHD and vise versa, if required.

Examples of standard costs (subject to VAT):

MG B Roadster – 1962-1974 = £1,500;

MG B GT – 1965-1974 = £1,500;

MGAs = £1,850;

MGCs = £1,850;

Rubber bumber MGBs = £2,000;

MG Midgets and Sprites = £1,450

MGB V8 = Please phone for quote

Thank you for visiting us today and we hope you like our new look that showcases the very best of classic chrome bumper MG’s – MGB, MG B Roadster, MGB GT, V8, Midget, MGC and many other great British sports cars. Here at Croydon Classics, we

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